Radiometals hot cell H600

Hot cell H600 for radiometals

  • Very compact with its 60 x 60 cm footprint
  • ISO 7 (Class C) with stand-alone ventilation and autonomous filtration system
  • High energy shielding dimensioned to allow synthesis of 2 68Ga generators elution
  • Structure designed to limit radiation
  • Retractable table for the operator
  • Ergonomic

Radiometals labeling dedicated hot cell

The Trasis Hot Cell H600 is an integrated solution, allowing to synthesize and dispense radiopharmaceutical products with a minimal footprint, including molecules labeled with radio-metals such as 68Ga and 177Lu. It consists of one shielded enclosure class ISO 7 “Class C” for synthesis and either one side compartment with laminar flow for dispensing in syringes or one side compartment for the dispensing of the final product in a shielded vial.

The main shielded cabinet can accommodate:

  • One mini AllinOne or EasyOne Synthesizer
  • Two generators
  • Accessories

Safe and easy final product collection

The side compartment for dispensing in syringes allows the manual dispensing under horizontal laminar flow conditions. The radio tracer is extracted from the final product vial, which is located in the shielded compartment. This arrangement provides appropriate radiation protection and optimum ergonomics thanks to the pivoting arm.

Optimal radiation protection

The lead shielding cabinet offers an optimal protection to the operating staff.



Lead thickness

4 mm Aluminium
Protection against bremsstrahlung

45 mm  Lead - Door thickness
30 mm  Lead - For the 5 walls
+ 8 mm Lead on specific locations

General specification


(D x W x H)

60 x 60 x 160 cm

27,5 x 34,2 x 78,7 inches


± 850 kg (1322Lbs)

Shielded enclosure


4 mm Aluminium (Protection against Bremsstrahlung)

45mm Lead: front doors

30mm Lead : all other sides

+ 8 mm Lead on strategic locations

Activity in the chemistry enclosure Dose Rate <25µSv/h at 5 cm from external walls


3,7 GBq [100 mCi]


Well above 370 GBq [10 Ci]


18,5 GBq [500 mCi]


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Hot Cell H600 for radio metals