AllinOne universal synthesizer

PET tracer synthesizer

The cutting-edge solution for tracer production and development

  • For 18F, 11C and radio-metals
  • High yields
  • Open software
  • Plug and play operation

No limitations for simple and complex chemistry

AllinOne is the only platform which fully meets the needs and even exceeds the expectations of both research and production environments.

The synthesizer merges in a single integrated instrument a synthesizer and an HPLC with reformulation capability, which allows implementing both very simple and the most complex radiochemistry. If your needs evolve towards more complex tracers, your synthesizer will evolve with you. We can easily make an upgrade to a different configuration model.

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Surpass your research limits

In the development of new tracers, AllinOne’s versatility has been showcased a number of times by users in internationally renowned research centers. As a researcher, you can freely implement your ideas, without stumbling on any hardware or software-related barriers. The R&D features are numerous: open software for free layout and sequence editing, flexible technical configuration, an R&D cassette and the collaboration platform. Most importantly, you will be able to accelerate your tracer development process:

  • Develop multiple tracers with back to back runs
  • Secure reproducibility in clinical trials
  • Implement routine production on the same platform

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Where costs matter: optimize your FDG production in GMP environment

For your day-to-day production of FDG and other common tracers, AllinOne synthesizer will bring efficiencies at all levels. Your staff will gain time with the plug and play cassettes and reagents kits (produced under GMP), which don’t require any lab preparation. You will ensure high and reproducible yields day after day. Moreover, you will be keeping costs under control, as you will be able to perform multiple runs a day in one hot cell and produce double quantities of FDG in one go, with our FDG Dual.

“Our Trasis AllinOne unit is working like a F1 Ferrari, at the price of a worth-every-penny BMW 7 series.”

    Alicia Coronel, Fundación Centro Diagnóstico Nuclear, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Where flexibility matters: over 30 radio-tracers are available or have been demonstrated

AllinOne allows the production of a wide range of molecules, including 18F-FDG (Dual run), 18F-DOPA, 18F-FAZA, 18F-MISO, 18F-Choline, 11C-Methionine, 68Ga-labelled compounds and other radio-metals. We continuously implement new tracers and specific synthesis procedures to meet your evolving needs.

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Where yield and reliability matter

The synthesizers are built to reach the highest yields on the market, which is constantly proven by our customers. Our over 20 years’ experience in developing radio-synthesizers to combine high-yield synthesis translate into easy servicing and reduced intervention from operators. The AllinOne synthesizer will be your reliable companion for years to come.

AllinOne software: straightforward, yet powerful

The user interface is extremely easy to use in routine procedures. For tracer development purposes, the software is open and includes comprehensive research-oriented features allowing easy graphical design and full configuration. The remote access feature will give you the peace of mind and security you need.

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AllinOne user interface


Built-in radio-HPLC: up to two HPLC and reformulations in the same process

The built-in HPLC, which is controlled by the software, allows you to perform two HPLC and two reformulations in the same process, which can come very useful in complex chemistry. The HPLC pump and the eluent selection box can be placed outside the cell.

You will have full flexibility, while enjoying the reduced intervention and higher quality results.


Dimensions (W x H x D)

55 x 44 x 40 cm
21,7 x 17,3 x 15,8 inch


40 kg

User interface software package


Three-way valve actuator, 6 positions, with position control

18, 24, 30 or 36, depending on the model

Syringe actuator with position, speed and force control.

4 or 5

Reactor-Heater amb to 220 °C

1 or 2

Fast air cooling of the reactor-heater(s)


Radiation detector – high sensitivity, in with customizable positioning

4, 5 or 6

Automated procedures

  • cartridge conditioning

  • conditioning of the purification columns

  • dissolving of lyophilized precursors

  • synthesis phases

  • purification

  • reformulation

  • extensive rinsing at the end of the synthesis

Hot cell requirements

AllinOne can be housed in any shielded hot cells, as it has standard dimensions and there are no dissociated electronics.

Ordering reference (synthesizer with 18 rotary actuators)

S4000 – 7115