Hot cell for Unidose dispensing system

Hot cell for Unidose dispensing system

  • Minimal footprint
  • Ergonomic
  • Optimal radiation protection
  • Dedicated to Unidose dispenser

The custom-made hot cell for the Unidose dispensing system

The shielded hot cell for Unidose is a specifically designed hot cell which optimally hosts the Unidose automated dispensing system and all its accessories.
The hot cell offers a unique combination of radiation safety, minimal footprint and ergonomic design, making it very suitable in a hospital environment.

ISO 7 main shielded cabinet

The main cabinet includes an autonomous and reversible ventilation system allowing to put the cabinet under pressure or vacuum. It includes one air inlet and one air outlet, as well as a laminar flow device. It is equipped with a shielded pass-through for the activity inlet line. It includes an inner door equipped with a leak tight panel mounted PG21. 
The surveillance camera allows the users to see in real time inside the cell.


Left side cabinet for incoming product

The left-side cabinet is dedicated to host a container with multi-dose lead pigs and vials to be transferred to the dispenser. It is equipped with a manually actuated remote vial piercing mechanism. 

Unshielded lower cabinet

An unshielded cabinet situated on the lower side of the hot cell contains the hot cell control PLC and the label printer. It can also be used as a stock area and it is wide enough to contain a mini air compressor and/or a computer.

Unidose hospital shield : for easy dose transport and injection

This dose shield is an essential accessory of the Unidose system. Once prepared, sealed doses arrive directly in this hospital shield. It allows operators to easily and safely transport the dose from the dispenser to the patient. It secures a safe and comfortable administration of the doses with very limited radiation exposure of staff.
For the injection, the procedure is extremely simple: unscrew the first cap, connect a vacutainer on the cartridge, and connect the vacutainer to the classic injection. Then the operator unscrews the second cap clips on the tungsten shielded push-button. The operator injects the dose and rinses the lines using the shielded push button. 
All within seconds: preparation takes only 30 seconds, while Injection and rinsing some 20 seconds.


A wide range of options for your specific needs

To meet the needs of your nuclear medicine departments, the hot cell can be adapted with a number of accessories or technical features. Some of these options include:

  • Pass through and glove rounds
  • shielded lead glass window
  • Laminar flow for side cabinet
  • Safety interlock system
  • Screen and keyboard support

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Lead thickness  
Shielded cabinet 5 cm
Left cabinet 2 cm
Air quality in shielded cabinet ISO 7
General specifications  
Color White RAL 9010
Weight ± 2000 kg (± 4400 lbs)
(D x W x H)
40 x 87 x 200 cm
27,5 x 34,2 x 78,7 inches
Flow rate range 0 – 12 m³/h
Power 90 - 250 Vac / 47 - 63 Hz
Ordering reference  
Standard basic hot cell 9002
Hot cell with pass through and glove rounds 9003
Hot cell with pass through, glove rounds and small shielded lead glass window 9004
Hot cell with pass through, glove rounds and large shielded lead glass window 9005