The user interface is extremely easy to use in routine procedures. For tracer development purposes, the software is open and includes comprehensive research-oriented features.

  • One package for all Trasis equipment
  • Click & play for daily use
  • Open and flexible for tracer development
  • Reporting capabilities

Control all your equipment with one software package

Use one interface for all the Trasis synthesizers and dispensers installed in your facility. Install the software on as many PCs you wish and enable specific users to follow or activate the activity on one or several machines at the same time thanks to its server-client architecture. You will no longer have to worry that your activity stops when a PC breaks. You ensure full control as all changes made by one user are centrally stored and synchronized.

Within this unique user interface, specific equipment modules will enable you to fully control your equipment in a hospital, in a radiopharmacy or in a research center.

Ensures control and efficiency within radiopharmacies

In a radiopharmacy, where efficiency, reliability and control are essential for the day-to-day operation, the software which controls all the installed synthesizers will help you be on top of your production needs:

  • Compliance: The software provides all the functionalities enabling you to be compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 11 and with GMP requirements
  • Efficiency: the tracer production sequences are all tested, ready to be launched. Only a few clicks are needed to start a synthesis.
  • User management: the advanced user and access capabilities will allow you to give operators a specific role, to which they can log on any control station in the radiopharmacy. All changes made by a user are centrally stored and synchronized, ensuring a centralized control.
  • Traceability: once the production is over, you can generate your customized report for trend analysis and traceability.

Flexibility and versatility in research labs

For tracer development purposes, the software is open and includes comprehensive research-oriented features, such as cassette design, open sequence editing, reporting and synthesis replay functions, collaborative features.

See how you can freely develop your tracers

Easy operation in hospitals

Our software package will allow you to easily control your Trasis dispenser and/or synthesizers.

It is easy use day after day: only a few clicks are needed to enter an order for a radiopharmaceutical dose or to launch the synthesis of a tracer you need for later on in the day. Everything has been kept simple and straightforward, which brings a substantial gain of time and diminishes the risk of errors. The software allows exchanging data with other systems, such as the Radiology Information System (RIS) and recover patient names from a DICOM server. Moreover, thanks to labels printed for each dose and to the archived reports, you will ensure traceability of everything you produce.


Centralized control (Architecture) Server-Client architecture on your LAN (Ethernet)
One server and a central database.
Installation on one or several stations.
The software package controls all Trasis installed equipment: 1 or several dispensers, one or several synthesizers.
Computer Compatible with all versions of Windows
Remote access Diagnosis, maintenance, intervention
GMP & FDA Compliance The software provides all the functionalities enabling the user to be compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 11 and with GMP requirements
User & access management Advanced user and access capabilities by roles
Languages Multilanguage interface
Reporting Export report in different formats: pdf, csv, xls, xml, txt
Export and print functions can be automated.
Data exchange Unidose and Quickfill: exchanges data (patient names, vials) with Radiology Information System (RIS) or DICOM server AllinOne family: exchanges production data with external IT systems