What makes us special

One vision, two personalities, a great team

Trasis was founded in 2004 by Jean-Luc Morelle and Gauthier Philippart, the designers of the first radio-synthesizers to combine high-yield synthesis and GMP back in 1996. They have shared their passion for innovation and for pragmatic development to an enthusiastic team which grows stronger every year. Together they have built a dynamic and ethical company, a company which exports more than 97% of its activity while remaining extremely concerned with developing the local economy. With their natural loyalty, Jean-Luc and Gauthier have established global partnerships that consolidate the foundations of the company.

In a  nutshell: designer and manufacturer of radiopharma instruments, ISO 9001-certified company, medical device distributor, close to its customers and partners.

What makes us different: we consider our customers' performance as our own and we put everything in place to improve it.

Our strength:  every aspect of our products: design, manufacturing, commercial service, quality and support is under our full control. Our great multidisciplinary team makes this possible.

Our final goal: enable patients to have access to a wide range of radiotracers in the safest and most timely manner.

“I am happy to have lived this exciting adventure with Jean-Luc Morelle and with an enthusiastic team of people. Some 13 years ago we wanted to move away from a system-oriented company and build a company with ethical and human values. We wanted to develop gold standard solutions that truly meet the needs of the industry. Trasis has now a track-record in developing instruments and methods recognized throughout the world. Our customers are our partners, their performance is our number one concern. We can only be proud of this achievement.”

Gauthier Philippart, Trasis Co-founder & CEO

Gauthier Philippart, CEA and co-founder

Gauthier Philippart, CEO

IR Engineer. Prior to Trasis, he started his carrier at Coincidence Technologies where he worked with Jean-Luc Morelle. He then worked for GE Medical Systems from 2001 to 2004 as Head of department, in charge of engineering the well-known “FastLab”. He founded Trasis in 2004 with Jean-Luc Morelle and since then he is leading the operational and strategic development of the company.

In his operational and strategic approaches, Gauthier is dedicated to the customers’ satisfaction and performances. Solution minded, he is the kind of CEO who demonstrates energy, determination, perseverance as well as long-range vision, which he shares with his team.

In his management’s role, Gauthier is focused on his employees’ well-being, development and performance at all time, since he knows that great achievements can only be met with a strong dedicated team.

A happy team and full customer satisfaction are the things he truly values and tries to improve every day.

Jean-Luc Morelle, CEO

Physicist. He has been one of the first employees of IBA Belgium, for which he has developed cyclotron technology. In 1996 he founded Coincidence Technologies SA, when he designed the worldwide adopted FDG “Coincidence box” from which derived most of today’s PET tracer synthesizer technology. At the acquisition of his company by GE, he continued working for GE for three years, after which he founded Trasis together with Gauthier Philippart.

Jean-Luc Morelle is a charismatic and visionary CEO, who is sharing his passion for innovation and for pragmatic development to the whole team. He is leading Trasis’ product development and establishes global partnerships.

Jean-Luc Morelle, CEO and co-founde

Meet our team

Meet our team

Our team encompasses the whole range of skills, including electromechanical engineering, radiochemistry, software development, production, quality assurance, business development, regulatory and logistics. Just like Swiss clockwork, these various skills gear into each other accurately, making sure that every aspect of the work is fully mastered.