Flexibility and versatility in research labs

Open software interface to enable you to develop any new molecule

For the development of new molecules the AllinOne software is unbeatable. It is open, highly flexible and contains many research-oriented features.

Easily design your cassette

You will be able to easily sketch your cassette layouts to fit the needs of your new molecule you are developing. By simple drag & drop, you can build your cassette, customize any parameter you need, define the components, reactors, etc.

Freely edit the synthesis sequence

Once your cassette is all set, you will be able to edit graphically and define the synthesis sequences as you wish. All the steps of the process can be controlled: machine tests, cassette placement, cassette tests, reagents placement, synthesis, delivery, cassette rinsing, etc. The freedom you will experience will enable you to break the limits of R&D you may have stumbled upon before.

Analyze and optimize your synthesis

Optimize your tracer development with the reporting features. Customize what you want to see in your report, print the report and export it in different formats. The production graphs, the activity trending data, and the summary of the key steps are some of the indicators which will enable you to have a full overview and make the necessary corrections.

Go back to a previous sequence version to analyze and make changes thanks to the version control capability.

Replay performed synthesis

To be able to clearly analyze a synthesis and make a precise diagnosis on what went wrong, reviewing the performed synthesis is enlightening. Thanks to the replay function you can see the whole process, including the parameters the way it really took place.

Collaborative features: share your synthesis project with your peers

You wish to share your synthesis with your peers to accelerate your tracer development project? The AllinOne software module enables you to export the synthesis and to directly share it on MyTrasis, our secured online collaboration community.

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