Comprehensive sets for plug-and play operation

  • Ready-to-use
  • Comprehensive
  • Manufactured under GMP
  • Delivered with a certificate of compliance


Plug-and play your consumables in routine tracer production

To produce FDG, FDOPA, 68Ga-labelled peptides or other tracers on a day-to-day basis, you don’t need to worry about anything. Your synthesis set is provided ready to use. Simply place the cassette on the machine, plug the reagents following the colors and letters and start your production.
Cassettes and reagents produced under GMP and pharmaceutical grade manufacturing requirements. Single-use cassettes prevent cross-contamination, ensure reproducible results with bioburden-free productions that facilitate GMP and other regulatory filings.

Comprehensive reagent kits

All reagents needed for the synthesis are provided conditioned in ready-to-use packs. The kits contain all reagents in the right formulation and concentration for each molecule. Reagents are manufactured in a controlled environment and delivered with a certificate of analysis. For 68Ga-peptide labelling applications, peptides are included in the reagent kits, as well as HCl for the elution of the generator.

Build the cassette that suits your new tracer

For your tracer development needs, you have total freedom to build your cassette as you wish. Our “R&D cassette” as well as the selection of individual cassette components allows researchers to freely implement their ideas. Gain time and efficiency with this custom-made cassette, which will allow you to perform several R&D chemistry runs per hour without cleaning or rinsing
Use the same cassette in your upcoming clinical trial and GMP production of your tracer: you will fasten the transition.