May 30, 2018

What a human size partner can do at the SNMMI that others can't ?

#1 Welcoming people on a cosy and peaceful booth while sharing a piece of belgian chocolate

That's true ! As a Belgian company, we shall never forget to bring a little of our heritage with us. It's important for us that people worldwide know Belgium not only as the country where state of the art synthesizers can be found but also as the place to be for specialties as chocolate, beers or french fries.

On our booth 
(#1002)  we will give priority to your voice. We really like to listen to your field’s experiences and that is too precious for it to be covered by a loud sound announcing the launch of the last baby in the range.

#2 Moving 1/10 of its crew from Belgium to Philadelphia

We are sending you three PhD chemistry scientists, one internationally renowned physician and two sales representatives to make sure that all your enquiries are being answered. Our team is ready to listen to every demand, from the basic request to the most complex one, and figure out the best radiopharmaceutical solution even if there is a need of a customized development

Do not worry about our remaining colleagues, 9/10 of them are still at home taking care of you.

#3 Having on its booth at the same time, the guys who developed synthesis, designed the module and will install it

MMmmh that's also true. We decided to bring « the best of the best » on journey and spoil them with a great accommodation only because we know how important it is for you to meet the most well rested and right chosen experts. That’s how we will avoid reported speeches with looses of information by the time they are transmitted. Neither of us want to waste time with this.

#4 Presenting novel methods for radiolabelled tracers production as [11C]CH, [11C]PIB, [18F]UCB-H, [68Ga] PSMA or [13N] Ammonia

Trasis R&D motto is "Stay a step ahead from the market needs". To this end, we have been developing some strong partnerships with research centers, universities and radiopharmaceutical compagnies around the world. The outcome of those collaborations is a range of more than fifteen ready-to-use synthesis processes intended for the production of radiolabelled tracers with high yields.

#5 Saying "We will get back to you asap" and send an e-mail the day after

As soon as our team members are back at Trasis, we throw a meeting in and exchange views to get back to you with the most appropriate answer in the shortest terms.You think you forgot to tell us something very important? Nothing easiest to use our contact form to submit your infos!