Unidose hospital dispenser

The hospital dispensing system

Fully automatic dispensing system for any PET radiopharmaceuticals

  • Safety
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness

Automate your preparation of PET radiopharmaceuticals

Whether you need to prepare one or several patient doses at once, with the Unidose dispenser you gain substantial time as the dispenser automatically divides your bulk of a radiopharmaceuticals into patient doses ready to be injected. Both the activity and the weight are measured, ensuring an extremely accurate preparation of the unit patient doses. This system gives you access to a broad range of tracers and preparations, with full traceability and compliance with pharmaceutical standards and regulations.


    Quickly prepare the radiopharmaceutical doses ready to be injected to patients

    Empower your operators with a reliable system which will prepare with an extreme precision the radiopharmaceutical doses ready to be injected to patients. The Unidose system includes a filling machine located in a Class ISO 5 shielded enclosure which automatically performs aseptic filling and capping of syringe-like unit dose cartridges. The filling machine draws the adequate amount from the multi-dose vial, transfers it to a cartridge, adjusts the volume with saline, seals the cartridge, prints out the labels and then delivers the dose into a shielded container.

    The whole process is automatic and extremely fast: it takes only approx. 40 seconds to prepare a dose. This will leave operators the time to focus on what really matters: patient care.

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    Staff radiation protection with Unidose

    Keep everything under control

    The Unidose user interface helps the radiopharmacist and the operator throughout the dispensing process to keep an eye on every aspect of the procedure. You enter and import patient dose orders into the system, which brings a substantial gain of time. During filling, you control the production of doses. Once the production is over, you can analyze the production records for optimization and you can ensure the traceability.

    The software allows exchanging data with other systems, such as the Radiology Information System (RIS) and recover patient names from a DICOM server.

    Reduce staff radiation exposure by up to 95%

    Ensure optimal radiation protection to the staff in charge of manipulating radiopharmaceuticals with this fully automated process which avoids manual manipulation from operators. Based on a study by the Léon-Bérard Centre de lutte contre le cancer, Lyon, France, staff radiation exposure is reduced by up to 95% with the Unidose dispenser. This study shows a total breast exposure of 1,48 µSv and extremities of 7,4 µSv per patient injected with 370 MBq.

    Go for an all-included solution for your day-to-day hospital practice

    With Unidose you are sure to fulfill all the dispensing and injection needs in your nuclear medicine department. Along with the automatic filling machine, a wide range of accessories will help you cover all aspects related to dose preparation up to patient injection:

    • Ergonomic hot cell
    • Ready-to-use consumables
    • Dose tungsten shield
    • Moblie radiation protection screen


      Dimensions of the hot cell

      (D x W x H)

      40 x 87 x 200 cm

      27,5 x 34,2 x 78,7 inches

      Cartridges production rate

      A dose every 40 seconds

      Cartridge filling range

      0.3 to 2.8 ml

      Multiple cartridges per dose


      Filling accuracy

      ± 20 µl

      Set-up time

      < 3 minutes

      Labels & documents

      Printed online

      Dose calibrators

      2 ionization chambers

      Power rate

      90 – 250 Vac / 47 – 63 Hz

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