The mobile radiation protection shielding

The mobile radiation protection shielding

Protection from dose preparation to the patient bed side

  • Radiation protection 
  • Ergonomic preparation of radioisotopes
  • Easy transport to patient injection room
  • Safe injection

Ensure protection from dose preparation to the patient bed side

The mobile radiation protection shielding efficiently protects staff when manipulating radioisotopes for PET applications. The lead core shielding over the whole width and length of the panel ensures safe transport of the doses from the hot cell to the patient bed side as well as during injection to patients.

An ergonomic tray for safe dose administration

The mobile shielding screen can be featured with an ergonomic tray. This tray is specifically adapted to Unidose accessories and is designed to facilitate injection of radiopharmaceutical doses to patients. It renders the injection procedure more systematic and secures the connection between the injection set and the cartridge.
It can be fixed to a shielded screen or used as a table-top standalone device.

Built to make your life easier

The shielding screen has been designed to make day-to-day manipulations in the nuclear medicine department safer and easier. It features:

  • Curved position of the screen towards the user, which allows closer protection and optimized access to the tray
  • A glass window for a good visibility on the tray
  • A simple or an ergonomic tray on three levels, allowing quick preparations of radiopharmaceuticals
  • Cleared area between legs and wheels allowing free movements for users

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Mass 105 kg (for 15 mm lead)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 160 cm x 63 cm x 70 cm
Reference for 15 mm lead core S1000-9771
Reference for 30 mm lead core S1000-10047
Tray for Trasis mobile shielded screen S1000-10867
Table-top tray S1000-10868
Tray with adaptation for non-Trasis shielded screen Upon request