Drug development

Comprehensive. Flexible. Collaborative

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Freely develop any new PET tracer on one single platform

[18F]FAZA, [18F]MPPF, [18F]FES, [18F]MEL050, [18F]Fallypride are just a few of the many tracers developed on our synthesizers worldwide. The radiotracer development possibilities are endless. You can develop any possible tracer on the same platform. Offer your research lab a future-proof radiosynthesizer: your current and future research projects will come to life on the most versatile chemistry synthesizer on the market.

Go beyond any hardware or software-related barriers in your radiotracer development

With our equipment you no longer have to stumble on the many barriers you used to encounter. Now you can customize the synthesizer according to your current and evolving needs.

  • Choose the technical configuration: AIO18 to AIO36 with or without HPLC
  • Define the different technical components and plugins you need to build a fully customized machine
  • Build a specific R&D cassette made of highly chemically resistant material
  • Design the layout with the open graphical editing tools, create and edit your own process sequences

Take advantage of our collaboration platform to speed up your projects

Join a community where you can expand your horizons: share development projects, find partnerships, benefit from best-practice sharing. You can collaborate with renowned centers worldwide and speed up your research project. The collaboration features of the software, the user meetings and especially MyTrasis, our online collaboration platform, will empower you to benefit from a truly collaborative environment.

Ensure quick transition of tracers to clinical trials and commercial production

Develop new tracers, test and validate them in clinical trials and then put them in GMP production on the same machine. Moreover, you can use the same machine, the same consumables which you validated in R&D for commercial production and the same software.

When necessary, you can rely on our regulatory and technical assistance as well as on our team of chemists to accelerate your regulatory filing and marketing authorization.