Final product shielding container with activity sensor

Final product shielding container with built-in activity sensor

  • Real-time measuring of activity
  • Protection against different types of radiation
  • Light weight

Measure in real-time the radio-activity of the final synthesis product

This shielded receptacle for vials containing the final synthesis product features a built-in radio-activity detector. Once connected to a Trasis synthesizer, the detector allows real time measuring of the radio-activity contained in the vial. The position of the detector can be adjusted to optimize the measurement based on the vial fill volume. It facilitates the preparation of doses by differential measurement of the activity.


Ensure protection against different types of radiation

The shielded container protects operators against different types of radiation during storage, handling and in-house transport of the vials. Its 25 mm thick lead shielding ensures radio-protected vial storage and handling as well as radiation protection during in-house transport.



Mass 6.5 kg
Lead thickness 25 mm
Aluminum thickness 3 mm
Outer dimensions

Diameter 82 mm
Height 120 mm

Inner dimensions without aluminum liner Diameter 32 ± 0.2 mm
Depth 70 mm
Inner dimensions with Aluminum liner Diameter 26 ± 0.1 mm
Depth 66 mm
Color White Ral 9010
Ordering reference S4000-10813