Quickfill pharmacy dispenser

The radiopharmacy dispensing system

Dispensing and packing solution of PET radiopharmaceuticals

  • Speed
  • Easy shipping
  • Full automation
  • Cost-effectiveness

Automate preparation and shipping of FDG: a solution which adapts to your needs

For your radiopharmacy which is serving several PET centers, you can optimize the preparation and packing of doses as well as of vials. Equip your radiopharmacy with Quickfill, a dispenser which will rapidly prepare doses or vials and deliver them in containers ready to be shipped.

Radiopharmaceuticals production facilities will be able to produce at a very high speed their FDG doses, while reducing operating and transport costs and at the same time ensure an efficient radiation protection to staff. The Quickfill dispenser shares the main technological advances with Unidose hospital dispenser, while being adapted to commercial radiopharmacies. We can adapt this solution to the specific needs of your radiopharmacy.

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Prepare doses at the radiopharmacy and ship them to the hospital

The filling machine automatically performs aseptic filling and capping of individual doses or vials. Doses are delivered in calibrated tungsten shielding, which can be transported in shielded bags certified type A for any means of transport. Vials are shipped in certified containers.

The whole process is automatic and extremely fast: the filling machine prepares automatically an unlimited number of doses at a rate of 2 doses per minute.

Quickfill dose and vial filling and packing

Centralize orders and keep preparation and transport under control

The Quickfill user interface helps the radiopharmacist and the operator to centralize and control all aspects of the dispensing process: collection of orders, production control, GMP-compliant production reporting and traceability. Empower your radiopharmacy operators with a tool which allows them to optimally plan the production batches, taking into account the amount of activity available, the time of use of each dose, the transportation constrains and whatever new priorities may suddenly occur.

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Ensure radiation protection to staff

Our shielded equipment will ensure high radiation safety for your staff, with minimal footprint and ergonomic design. Let us show you how you can ensure efficient protection to staff at high activity.

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Cartridges production rate

A dose every 40 second

Cartridge filling range

0.3 to 2.8 ml

Multiple cartridges per dose


Filling accuracy

± 20 µl

Vials production rate

A vial every 3 minutes

Dose calibrators

2 ionization chambers

Power rate

90 – 250 Vac / 47 – 63 Hz