Customer support

Our dedicated customer support

Our customers need to produce and deliver their products and services to their patients or to their customers day after day with highest reliability and effectiveness. We understand how crucial this can be. This is why the excellence of our customer service has always been our priority. We pride ourselves on our support service, which is highly appreciated by our base of users.

Our support team involves highly skilled software engineers, mechanical and design engineers as well as PhD chemistry professionals. They offer phone, remote and online support as well as on-site interventions.

Phone support

Our team is available for phone support from 7.30 am until 5.30 pm (CET – GMT+1).

Call us via a local number:

  • Belgium +32 4 365 86 57 ext 2
  • France +33 9 75 18 00 72
  • Canada +1 780 666 41 99
  • USA +1 201 588 57 52
  • South America : +54 11 59 84 23 04
  • UK : +44 20 36 08 74 14

Email us:


Our technical team can perform the installation of the equipment at your premises, taking into account your site configuration, as well as your technical or logistical constraints.


Our yearly maintenance agreements give our customers the peace of mind, the effectiveness and speed of action they need for their day-to-day operations.

On-site intervention

On-site interventions are performed by our in-house support team as well as by our dedicated regional support network.

Remote online support

Both the synthesizers and the dispensing systems allow remote control on user request. Our support team can take control of the equipment to make an assessment and intervene as necessary. Well over 90% of the issues can be resolved online.